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EMCCC Thesis: Citation Software


Well done. It is now time to write your thesis and cite your sources.

Save time by using citation management software. Don't manually write your citations and references in your bibliography. To do so, you must have saved your articles in EBSCOHost (see video 3).

Introducing RefWorks

RefWorks is a webbased citation management software. It's available for free to INSEAD users.

It lets you export citations directly from research databases into your personal account. You can then manage these citations by using folders and sharing them with colleagues. It also helps you create bibliographies and in-text citations in the style of your choice.

Basically all your articles saved in EBSCOHost can be exported to RefWorks. You will see below the 3 steps process.

Make sure you create your own account by using the INSEAD group code if you are off-campus.

Step 1: Import your articles

Login to both your RefWorks and your EBSCOHost accounts.



1. Go to your folders / saved articles

2. Select the articles you wish to export to RefWorks

3. Click on "Export"



On the next page, select "Direct Export to RefWorks" and click on the Save button.

Your articles have been successfully exported to RefWorks and are now ready for use. To view the imported articles in RefWorks, simply click on "View Last Imported Folder".




Step 2: Cite your articles

The short video tutorial below will show you how to cite your articles within your written thesis in a Word document. 


As a recap:

1. In Refworks, click on the brackets icon associated to the articles you wish to cite

2. Copy the code text in the small text box

3. Paste it in your Word document 

4. Save the Word document for later (for step 3)



- RefWorks will automatically pre-format your citations in the desired style (APA -th for ex.)

- You do not need to write them manually one by one

- Your bibliography will be automatically created at the end of your Word document  

Step 3: RefWorks does the job for you

You have cited your articles in your Word document and you now need to launch RefWorks again to generate the references and your bibliography.

Follow the steps showcased in this short video tutorial:

As a recap:

1. In RefWorks, click Bibliography then Format Document.

2. Select your Word document previously saved.

You have now your final paper ready! 

3. Save it in the format of your choice.



Congratulations, this is now done.

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A quick & easy to cite using the "Cite" option on the article's right hand side:



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